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Nurturing Entrepreneurship- Mentorship Events at Akal Incubation Cell

Mentorship is the cornerstone of innovation and success. At Akal University, the spirit of mentorship picks up steam with more amazing mentorships at the Akal Incubation Cell.

Recognizing Women Entrepreneurship on the International Day of the Girl Child

As we celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child this month, the Akal Incubation Cell takes pride in nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit of our women today. This initiative goes beyond mentorship; it’s about breaking gender barriers and creating an inclusive ecosystem for women in entrepreneurship.

About Akal University’s Incubation Cell and how it started

AIC or the Akal Incubation Cell has been designated as a a hub to aspire entrepreneurship amongst the students.
The Incubation Cell is a significant step toward promoting innovation and entrepreneurship among students and the wider community. The  cell will provide support to aspiring entrepreneurs.
The Incubation Cell, a brainchild nurtured over months of planning and collaboration, is set to become the epicenter for turning ideas into reality, facilitate the development of business ideas, and create a supportive environment for startups to grow and succeed.

The early initiatives

The Incubation Cell started taking roots just a few months ago, when it met with a number of industry experts to get their guidance and support, including:

These experts provided valuable insights and mentorship to the student entrepreneurs at Akal University.
They committed to help the university to develop its incubation program and ensure that it is aligned with the needs of the industry.
>>Read the story here

Appointment of Technical advisors

Akal University also appointed a new technical advisory group to help shape its technical education program and prepare students for the vibrant entrepreneurial work environment. The group includes following industry leaders:

  • Rtn Manpreet Singh is currently President of the Indian Chamber of International Business. As the Ambassador to Indian Knowledge Systems, AICTE, Ministry of Education, Govt of India, his long years of experience is invaluable. He is also a Graduate from IIM Bangalore.
  • Jogendra Singh currently serves as President ( Finance) at Hero Corporate Service P Ltd. He has over 2 decades of experience. He is a C.A. from ICAI
  • Harinderjit Singh is a recognized C.A. by profession and is Retired as a Senior Partner at Price Waterhouse CA LLP. He served Price Waterhouse CA LLP for more than 32 years.

The appointment of the technical advisory group is a significant step forward for Akal University. It demonstrates the university’s commitment to providing students with the best possible technical education and preparing them for success in the global workforce. The group will provide guidance on the latest trends in technical education and industry best practices. They will also help develop new programs and courses, and mentor students.
>> Read more about it.

Further developments

The in-depth mentoring sessions on Business analytics

Among other Mentorship programmes, the prominent sessions with Kanwar Singh Bhatia are worth mentioning. We are thankful to Kanwar Singh Bhatia, Vice President of Finance at Oracle, for mentoring two ambitious MBA students – Gagandeep Kaur and Kiranjot Kaur.

The session provided students with practical insights into the application of analytics in the finance sector. Discussions of  real-world case studies, emerging trends, and the role of data in decision-making, Kanwar Singh facilitated a comprehensive understanding of how analytics enhances financial planning and decision processes. The interactive nature of the session, including a Q&A and potential networking opportunities, enriched the learning experience, leaving students with a nuanced understanding of the vital role analytics plays in the financial landscape. >> See more

A significant mention about the Analytics Business Program

The MBA in Business Analytics program is a fruitful program designed for this specific business requirement of industries.  Dr. Gurpreet Dhillon’s strategic approach ensures that academic excellence is seamlessly woven into the fabric of entrepreneurship.

And much more in the pipeline


Building an Ecosystem: A Call to Industry Experts

Join Akal University’s Incubation Journey

In the spirit of collaboration, Akal University invites industry experts, social philanthropists, and corporate leaders to join hands in building a robust ecosystem for the Incubation Cell.
Akal University’s Incubation Cell is not just a physical space; it’s a vibrant ecosystem where dreams take flight, guided by the wisdom and experience of experienced mentors.


As we celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child, let’s recognize the pivotal role an incubator system plays in breaking barriers and empowering aspiring women entrepreneurs.
The mentorship events at Akal University’s Incubation Cell mark the beginnings of a promising journey—a journey where mentorship, innovation, and entrepreneurship converge.

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