Establishing a new Physiotherapy Department at the University


Akal University has established the Department of Physiotherapy to enhance people’s overall well-being and fulfill its commitment to excellence. The Department of Physiotherapy will be a boon for society and healthcare. The department is expected to meet the demand for skilled professionals in physiotherapy.

The Bachelor’s Degree Program

The Department of Physiotherapy at Akal University offers 4.5 years of Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy. The degree focuses on the fundamentals of physiotherapy, and specializations can be picked subsequently. Akal University understands the importance of practical knowledge and hands-on learning, so the course also includes a 6 month internship. 

Integrated curriculum for holistic learning

Akal University will offer a holistic learning experience that will include elements of psychology, biomechanics, nutrition, physical positioning, mobilization, balanced techniques, and exercises. This integrated course will aid in developing skilled, competent, and efficient healthcare personnel.

Physiotherapy as a health practice

Physiotherapy is not a branch of medicine. It is a diverse health practice and is a pathway to fostering well-being. Physiotherapy is not only for physical health but also for mental wellness. 

About the role of a Physiotherapist

What do physiotherapists actually do?

As a healthcare professional, a physiotherapist deals with a very interdisciplinary approach that handles diagnosis, prevention, and treatment and tries to relieve sufferers and help them with rehabilitation.
Physiotherapists help people improve their quality of life and disability situations by promoting rehabilitation. They care for the patient’s physiological, emotional, and social well-being.

Career Opportunities in Physiotherapy

Students will receive a comprehensive education in physiotherapy, from basics to advanced levels, enabling them to have many career opportunities. This integrated course will help in producing skilled, competent, and efficient professionals in the healthcare industry.

This is also a self-employment course, as healthcare professionals can establish clinics. They can continue with academics and follow their interests in the field of research. This course offers skill sets to students and enlightens them with many more opportunities.

The impact of  the Department of Physiotherapy

Community Welfare through the Department of Physiotherapy

Akal University will contribute to the welfare of the community and rural development with the formation of a department of physiotherapy. The Department of Physiotherapy is an OPD outpatient department where patients can approach healthcare professionals for diagnosis and treatment. People who cannot afford expensive health treatments can become compassionate professionals in case of trouble. This will result in a positive impact on society. This will help the patients diagnose the problem and the students and enhance their learning experience by providing hands-on learning on different topics.

Promoting Practical Knowledge

Theoretical knowledge is essential for learning, but practical knowledge helps implement it in real life. Akal University has established collaborations and signed a Memorandum of Understanding with local hospitals and clinics so that students will get practical exposure to apply their knowledge and have effective execution skills. They will also learn work ethics and how to handle complicated cases diligently without causing panic. The internship experience will boost their confidence, make them efficient and competent, and prepare them for their professional career growth. They will also be able to develop one-on-one connections with the patients and help them overcome their anxiety and fear. 

Promoting Research and Innovation through state-of-the-art facilities

Akal University always encourages research and innovation. To explore new treatment techniques, rehabilitation methods, and technological advancements in physiotherapy, the department is featured with extensive lab experience. There is a Physiology, Anatomy, Biomechanics, exercise therapy, and electrotherapy lab. These initiatives will benefit the university’s academic standing and help the community’s welfare.

By providing a specialized curriculum, practical experience, and holistic learning, the university will undoubtedly empower students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become proficient physiotherapists. Through their future contributions to community health and innovative research, these students will shape the future of physiotherapy and pave the way for a healthier, more active society.

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