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Akal University celebrates International Day Against Drugs with Pledges and many initiatives

Every year, the International Day Against Drug Abuse is celebrated on the 26th of June; it aims to strengthen the fight against drug abuse and cooperate to achieve the goal of a drug-free society. Individuals, communities, and organizations are highly significant in fighting a battle against it and raising awareness. Akal University, renowned for its spiritual, drug-free environment, took the initiative to mark this important day with a series of events to spread awareness and foster a sense of responsibility among its students and staff.

Spiritual Growth of Students at Akal University

Today, life has become too fast, and people’s frustration and exhaustion are increasing. And to fulfill psychological needs, youngsters at a very early age start substance abuse. Here, the institution plays a significant role in where they spend most of their time. Akal University offers a spiritual environment on campus. There are sessions to promote inner strength, resilience, and self-awareness to counter substance abuse.

Saint Baba Iqbal Singh Ji always shares his views on education during his spiritual discourses. For him, education is the cornerstone of society. Kalgidhar Trust and institutions working under its patronage assure spiritualized education with divine wisdom. And Akal University fosters this idea warmly.

Schedule of Event and Activities

Eminent speakers presented on the day of the event shared their insights and knowledge, shedding light on the devastating consequences of drug abuse and the importance of a drug-free lifestyle. Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. GS Lamba, sir, called on the audience to actively participate. Speeches and presentations addressed the prevention of drug abuse and rehabilitation of people and helped them with meditation techniques, food requirements, etc.

Handprint Pledge Campaign

One of the key highlights of the International Day Against Drug Abuse at Akal University was the handprint campaign. This was an engaging call for everyone and a symbol of unity and integration in fighting drug abuse. Students and staff members participated excitedly and joined the campaign by imprinting their hands on a large canvas. This served as a visible reminder of their continuous fight against drug abuse.

After imprinting their hands, participants posted their photos on social media so that everyone also felt connected to the campaign. The event was so successful that the social media counted more than a hundred thousand hand prints !

Awareness Campaigns

Akal University exemplifies its urge for peaceful health beyond this one-day celebration. The University organizes health awareness camps and workshops so that individuals become conscious of their bodies and may take preventive measures to prevent catastrophe. The collaboration of all the people involved in this, with profound attention, is making these campaigns a huge success. The university is working to empower youth to combat drug abuse. A counseling center is present on campus, and experts guide students in case of any problem.

Students’ Initiatives

Akal University students are self-reflected and motivated; they actively participate in campaigns addressing combating drug abuse. They share their success stories of how a peaceful and spiritual environment helped them to grow and fight their fears. During alumni meetings, students showed their gratitude towards the campus. Many of them work now And run prestigious institutions. They encourage youngsters to fight their weaknesses and participate in the battle, killing humanity.

The Celebration of International Day Against Drug Abuse at Akal University was a resounding success, leaving a lasting impact on all the participants. The handprint pledge campaign symbolizes unity and integrity, and speeches and presentations comprehensively understand drug abuse as a global issue, preventive measures, rehabilitation, etc. Akal University demonstrated allegiance to a drug-free society. These kinds of events help combat the problem. The University is also preparing for futuristic campaigns. Committing to the spiritual growth of students and enhancing resilience in the University is making a considerable contribution to humanity as a whole. 



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