Empowering Communities by Akal NSS Units

NSS Unit-3 organizes impactful camps in rural areas as part of the nationwide MMMD initiative

Akal University‘s NSS team possesses high potential, dedication, and a sense of societal responsibility. They work energetically for society’s sake whenever it is on the verge of sinking. The team works at the ground level to reach the people who need it. Recently, NSS also delivered its services under the Meri Mati Mera Desh Campaign. NSS Unit-3 organized two different camps in different villages.

Akal University‘s NSS Unit Participates Diligently in the Nationwide Scheme

During this year’s Amrit Mahotsav, the honorable Prime Minister announced the Meri Mati Mera Desh Campaign. It underlines community participation in celebrating the nation and brave warriors.  Akal University‘s NSS Unit participated diligently in this nationwide scheme as it also provides a sense of unity and integrity. The MMMD campaign targeted villages, panchayats, blocks, local urban bodies that the Unit-3 can cover. It involves activities like tree plantation, making the earth pollution-free, and maintaining cleanliness.

Spreading Awareness about Sustainable Environment in Village Raipur (Mansa)

On the first day of the Camp at village Raipur (Mansa), 72 NSS volunteers from the Department of Mathematics, English, and Punjabi participated. The Camp aimed to spread awareness among villagers about the sustainable and green environment.
Forest Guard officers S. Gurdeep Singh (Talwandi Sabo) and Ms. Khushpreet Kaur (Rampura) graced it.
The event was featured with the plantation drive with 75 saplings on the village land.

Incidentally, the Mansa region also has a few prominent schools or Akal Academies run by the parent organization.

Collaborative Plantation Drive in Teona Pujarian Village

There was another plantation drive organized under the MMMD campaign on the 16th of August. It was a collaborative effort of NSS Unit-1 with NCC cadets. Dr. Sandeep Kumar guided 80 volunteers in the village of Teona Pujarian.
There were about a 100 saplings planted in the plantation drive.

Akal University’s NSS Team Supports Flood Relief Efforts in Punjab with the #AkalReliefTeam

Floods created havoc in Punjab, and people were helpless. Amid the situation, the Akal Relief Team of the Kalgidhar SocietyBaru Sahib, became a beacon of hope for the people.

Around 250 volunteers of the Akal Relief Team reached the affected villages of Punjab and started their Flood Relief Efforts on the boats. They rescued the people and provided them with shelter, food, medicine, and the best help they could.

Animals were also suffering in this situation. Akal Relief Team also provided fodder for the animals amidst the crisis.

Akal University’s National Service Scheme (NSS) team also stepped in, lent a helping hand, and supported the Akal Relief Team, demonstrating their commitment to social responsibility and community welfare.

28 volunteers of the NSS team at Akal University rapidly organized a relief campaign to help those in need. The NSS team was headed by Dr. Janpreet Singh, Professor Pardeep Singh Cheema, and Dr. Abhinav Saxena.

Distribution of Essential Items in Akal Flood Relief Campaign

The NSS team distributed the essential items to those in need in the Akal Flood Relief Campaign in Fatehabad. These included food products, clean drinking water, blankets, clothes, hygiene kits, medical supplies, and other essential items. to support the affected individuals and families.

Maintaining Cleanliness at the Camp

The team was also responsible for maintaining cleanliness at the Camp, ensuring a hygienic and safe environment for the flood-affected individuals.

Other activities that the NSS Team’s Actively Participated for Community Service

Akal University’s NSS volunteers always stay active in participating in community service. Here are some other activities in which the team participated.

  • NSS Team Orientation Program on Participatory Rural Appraisal

The NSS Team Orientation Program on Participatory Rural Appraisal was conducted in Feb 2023. It encouraged NSS volunteers to work in adopted villages and slums or with voluntary agencies and complete 120 hours of regular activities during an academic year. It trained students to engage with the communities, understand their needs, and collaboratively design development projects.

In collaboration with Civil Hospital, Talwandi Sabo, Akal University organized two days of a medical camp under the backing of NSS and the Red Ribbon Club of the University.
There was a lecture delivered by Dr. Jagroop Singh on “Health Consciousness.” Students from all the departments consulted the doctors and received the required advice.

  • Camp on Nutrition and Hygiene in Bagha Village, Talwandi Sabo

NSS Unit-5, with 37 volunteers, participated in spreading awareness regarding nutrition, a balanced diet, and adequate sanitation practices in Bagha Village, Talwandi Sabo.

  • Camp on Agriculture Techniques and Watershed Management in Gurudwara Sahib, Village Bhiwan

In India, agriculture has a significant role in every other way; a camp on understanding different agriculture techniques and watershed management was organized at Gurudwara Sahib, Village Bhiwan, District Sirsa, with almost 47 volunteers. In the camp, villagers were made aware of the adverse impact of the overuse of fertilizers and pesticides. They were made aware of adopting modern techniques such as organic farming.

Akal University’s NSS Activities Promote Community Development and Sustainable Practices

Akal University’s NSS activities demonstrate a sincere commitment to community development and sustainable practices. By interacting with the local communities, they recognize the real problems and impediments to their growth. These initiatives promote awareness and foster a culture of active citizenship and compassion among students, equipping them to become societal change-makers. Akal University plays a pivotal role in nurturing a sense of social and civic responsibility among the students.

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