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Crafting the Memorable Experiences at the International Conference on Mapping Violence and Social Exclusion in Urban Narratives (ICMVSE-2024)

Objectives of ICMVSE-2024

The conference was held on 22-23 February 2024, aiming to expose the hidden realities of urban space and discover the impacts of marginalization faced by underprivileged sections of the cityscape. At the conference, esteemed experts, scholars, and research enthusiasts shared their perspectives. The mingling of various thoughts, ideas, and dialogue exchange has created a very inclusive and empathetic environment.

Department of English Studies students shared their cool experiences at the International Conference on Mapping Violence and Social Exclusion in Urban Narratives (ICMVSE-2024). Our department recently created a dazzling platform where previously unsaid narratives are delivered and heard attentively.



A successfully managed event by The Department of English Studies

The conference was a triumph, which was yet the result of the zeal of the organizing crew. Event Organiser was Head of the Department of English Studies Dr. Lois Jose Dr. Shamsudheen MK and Dr. Tajamul Islam were also among the event’s key organizers. They organized everything very systematically and professionally. On the other hand, they were kind enough to take care of their guests by offering amazing hospitality, meals, and accommodation.

The Department of English Studies proactively organizes diverse activities such as literary fests, conferences, and thought-provoking dialogues. Last year’s visit to the World Book Fair in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, was an unforgettable event for the attendees. JHALAK, the department’s biggest literary fest, received an exceptional response from the audience.

Distinguished Personalities at the ICMVSE-2024

    • Dr. KM Ziyauddin, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Maulana Azad National Urdu University, India, had spoken about the interdisciplinary nature of social exclusion, violence, and urban spaces. The discussion deconstructed the ideal image of urban spaces, which is mostly exclusive.
    • Dr. Subhashish Bhattacharjee, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Munshi Premchand Mahavidyalaya, India, presented his exciting paper exploring the theme of the urban world. It was an online session, yet very interactive. Dealing with the inquisitive queries from students part raised the humor across the auditorium.
    • Inga Bryden, Professor of Cultural History and Head of Research Environment and Impact Research and Innovation at the University of Winchester, England, addressed the deep-rooted realities of the urban world during covid 19.
    • Dr. Vipal Pal Singh, Associate Professor, Department of English, Central University of Punjab, Bathinda, Punjab, delineated violence from the postcolonial perspective.

Appealing and insightful Literary Presentations

Promoting inclusivity and empathy is a significant characteristic of literature, which is very competent. This literary event deals with the themes of violence and social exclusion, which will significantly impact insights regarding the urban world. The event featured paper presentations, expert talks, and literary exhibitions. Students created lively demonstrations of rural and urban spaces with beautiful models. These visual representations are so appealing that visitors are mesmerized by it.

More than 60 papers were presented at the conference, and several students from the department actively participated and performed well. The conference brought more than 160 like-minded individuals together.
The International Conference was completed with a remarkable response. The entire campus was filled with literary charm in these two days.

Capturing Moments: Press Release Highlights from ICMVSE-2024


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