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Transforming Lives: Akal University’s Evening Communication Program

Breaking Barriers-The Vision of Sant Baba Iqbal Singh

Sant Baba Iqbal Singh had a vision to make education accessible to all. Akal University was established under his guidance and supervision, aiming to provide students from remote areas and marginalized landscapes with industry-relevant, holistic education. Keeping a solid commitment to Baba Iqbal Singh Ji’s vision, Akal University continuously works to make its students competent enough to compete globally.

Continuing with a series of initiatives, the university has started Evening Communication Classes for students who need to gain command of English Language skills.
Since English is the language of international communication, flexibility with this language is required in the present world. Learning English communication will help to increase our reach across the world, and it is also helpful in our personal and professional spheres.

The “Worthy Words” Program: Learning Effective Communication Skills

Acknowledging the importance of effective communication, Akal University has started the Worthy Words starts evening communication classes on hostel premises. Ms. Harpreet Kaur, Assistant Professor in the Department of English Studies, presides over these lectures. Students voluntarily join these classes every evening from 5 to 7 p.m. to improve communication skills. Question-and-answer sessions, practical experience through dialogue exchange, etc follow these classes.

Empowering Through Interaction: The Essence of Evening Sessions

The university attracts diverse cultural people who speak distinctive vernacular languages. Language barriers create hurdles for the classroom learning environment. The university’s curriculum is very advanced and comprehensive. Students, especially from rural backgrounds, needed to develop confidence and fluency in communication through engaging activities, practical exercises, and immersive dialogue exchanges. Faculty members, with close observation, empowered these students by delivering aided classes.

Development of Personality through Linguistic Proficiency

The beginning of the fresh evening batch has been designed flexibly from the basics to the advanced level. The batch is programmed with a learner-centered approach. Linguistic mastery and effective communication are highly required in today’s competitive world. Equipping the students with these skills assists in the development of their personality.

Akal University’s initiative of offering an evening for effective communication is highly admirable. The students are attending the batch very enthusiastically. They thank the administration and say they work hard to make their university proud.

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