October 23 TMTW -The Month that was !

October was an exciting month where we witnessed the potential of our university in shaping the educational landscape! Let’s dive into the highlights of October, which included captivating lecture series, engaging campus tours, memorable social events, and meaningful environmental preservation drives.

Celebrating Wildlife Week-2023

Akal University’s Zooming Zoo Club, associated with the Akal Scientific Savvy Squad Department of Zoology, hosted various events during Wildlife Week. The event includes a nest-making competition, stone painting, wildlife photography, poster-making competition, and oral presentation. The celebration of Wildlife Week was aimed at raising awareness about preserving the environment and biodiversity. Students from all the departments participated enthusiastically and received the certificates of appreciation.


Quiz Competition on Gandhi Jayanti

Quizzes are the best ways to promote constructive dialogues, enhance critical understanding, and increase the spirit of competitiveness. The Department of Education under the Akal Education Society hosted an Inter-Departmental quiz competition on the occasion of the 154th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. The theme was “Mahatma Gandhi’s Life and His Contribution.” A total of 66 participants teamed up into 22 teams. Winners were awarded, and all the participants received a certificate of appreciation from the Head of the Department, Dr. Birender Kaur.

Investor Awareness Programme

The Department of Commerce, under the headship of Dr. Parminder Singh, empowered the students with the Investor Awareness Programme. It was conducted online in collaboration with Ambition Learning Solutions. Tehsin Fatma Aghadia, a Chartered Accountant working as Accountant Senior Research Analyst at CRISIL Limited, and 93939, a Credit Analyst at Bank Ltd., shared expert opinions on the awareness program. The object was to provide awareness of investing, financial planning, and proficient money management techniques. Siddhi Bhogle, Assistant Manager, Investor Awareness Initiative, assisted the event to make it more impactful.

Interactive Lecture with Air Marshal P.S. Bhangu

To enlighten the NCC Cadets about the career opportunities in defense forces, Air Marshal P.S. Bhangu and Group Captain Sandeep Mohan visited the Akal campus. Both these distinguished personalities shared their extensive experience in this field. Air Marshal P.S. Bhangu guided the students about how they prepare for the prestigious sector and various entry schemes. He gave glimpses of the life of the military officer and took the queries of the cadets. Dr. Ramandeep Kaur, CTO, NCC, extended heartfelt gratitude for their valuable time.

Visiting Ludhiana Stock and Capital Limited

To foster financial literacy among the students, the Department of Commerce conducted an educational visit to Ludhiana Stock and Capital Limited. There were 32 students from and accompanied by Dr. Parveen Kumar and Ms. Harjot Kaur on October 11. Experiencing practical learning by the students will help them understand the functioning, structure, rules, and regulations of the stock market.

Inauguration of Student Cafeteria- Mini Mart

On October 10, Akal Business School inaugurated the ‘Student Cooperative Cafeteria’ as part of the Incubation Center. The Incubation Center provides students financial assistance, workspace, and other essentials. This idea is a product of a long-term vision of building world-class entrepreneurs from rural India. The installation of a student cafeteria will impart experiential learning, boost the spirit of entrepreneurship, and it will enhance their management skills.

Expert talk on Pattern of Agricultural Development in Punjab

Dr. Naresh Singla, an Assistant Professor from the Department of Economics Studies at Central University, Punjab, Bathinda, talked on Patterns of Agricultural Development in Punjab: Crisis and Opportunities. Dr. Singla detailed the intricacies involved in Punjab’s agriculture sector, the excessive use of chemicals, the requirement for crop diversification, etc. The organization of such lectures is direly needed as Punjab is witnessing worse environmental scenarios. The role of youth becomes crucial to tackle the challenges.

“Game of Knowledge,” A Science Quiz

The Department of Physics organized a Science Quiz, “Game of Knowledge,” on October 19. There were 5 teams registered for the quiz. The quiz was aimed at building an environment of healthy competition and polishing the problem-solving skills of the students. The quizmasters, Ms. Mehakpreet Kaur and Ms. Gurpreet Kaur, skillfully hosted the quiz. Ultimately, team Alpha scored highest and won the “Game of Knowledge quiz.

Three-Day Webinar on Disaster Management

The Department of Physiotherapy conducted a three-day webinar series on Disaster Management. It was presided over by Dr. Vinod Kumar Sharma, serving as a senior Professor in Disaster Management and a consultant at the Indian Institute of Public Administration. The lecture series was scheduled on 25, 26, and 27 and attended by NCC Cadets, NSS volunteers, and students of Physiotherapy. Professor Sharma discussed the “Build Better Approach” and its implementation and outlined how Sikkim managed floods. He elaborated on Disaster Management rules and highlighted the role of young minds in risk minimization and rehabilitation.

Professional Development Program

Akal University is directed towards the wellness of its stakeholders, and considering that, the university conducted a Professional Development Workshop for them. It was part of the 8th edition of International Education Training. Dr. Juss Kaur Morgan, educationist and expert on teacher training, presided over the workshop on “Mindfulness.” Currently, the field of education is observing rapid changes, which creates challenges for educators. University-organized seminars so that they can learn to address the issues and boost their leadership skills. It was an eight-day workshop, and almost 80 Akal Faculty members and 60 principals from various Akal Academies participated. While embracing the idea of oneness, they learned mindfulness techniques and tools together and shared their testimonials after successfully implementing Mindfulness.

The month of October observed the successful completion of major events and competitions. Akal University looks forward to more engagements to upgrade the students’ skills.
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