Celebrating Rich Heritage “Pendu Khed Mela” and Folk Arts Exhibition

The land of Punjab possesses a very vibrant and affluent cultural history. The cultural heritage encompasses folk dances, songs, sports, traditional arts, etc. In the rapidly modernizing world, we need to remember to preserve our wealth. Building a reconnection and portraying our incredible culture in front of the globe is imperative.

Considering these, Akal University hosted the annual Pendu Khed Mela and Folk Arts exhibitions.

This year, the inaugural day featured Lok Kala or folk arts; on the second day, there were traditional sports. The entire event was successfully concluded under the instruction of the Dean of Student Welfare, Dr. Sandeep Singh.

Lok Kala (Folk Arts)

The people of Punjab are great artists. They are good at weaving, painting, woodwork, and mudwork. They used to decorate home walls and floors with their artistic performances. Women used to make paranda, Jutti, and phulkari at home. They prepare utensils made of mud and metal commonly used in houses. Even today, these items are in high demand in the market. To foster creativity and artistic spirit and make the students learn the self-sufficiency of our tradition and culture, 2 day Lok Kala (Folk Arts) Exhibition was hosted at the university.

The primary activities in the event are as follows:

  • Gudiya Patole
  • Phulkari
  • Clay Art
  • Weaving


Pendu Khed Mela (Traditional Sports)

Traditional sports are a characteristic feature of our culture.

Akal University’s initiative of organizing rural sports demonstrated allegiance toward promoting rich heritage. With this leading step, students felt culturally reconnected and stimulated. These traditional games carry forward a sense of unity and integrity among people. In earlier days, they used to participate with high enthusiasm. It was the significant reason behind their physical wellness, and on the frequent occasions people gathered, it also released their mental burnout. These ideas brought satisfactory outcomes with adequate student participation. Following is the list of games that reminded everybody of their joyful childhood.


  • Hopscotch
  • Blind Bull
  • Kikli
  • Back Race
  • Lame Lion
  • Tug of War
  • Ball and Seven Stones
  • Wood Race
  • Three Leg Race
  • Sack Race
  • Gatka
  • Arm Wrestling


Delicious Food Expo!

Games were going fantastically, and there were mouth-watering food stalls. There was a variety of Food Stalls to suit everybody’s palette. The list involves fruit chaat, sprouts chaat, Waldorf salad, and mouth-watering snacks like gol gappe, dahi vada, chole kulche, etc.

FAQ’s from the event

Q1: What were the primary activities in the Lok Kala (Folk Arts) Exhibition?

A1: The Lok Kala Exhibition featured activities such as Gudiya Patole, Phulkari, Clay Art, and Weaving.

Q2: Which traditional sports were part of the Pendu Khed Mela?

A2: Traditional sports included Hopscotch, Blind Bull, Kikli, Back Race, Lame Lion, Tug of War, Ball and Seven Stones, Wood Race, Three Leg Race, Sack Race, Gatka, and Arm Wrestling.

Q3: What food options were available at the Delicious Food Expo?

A3: The Food Expo offered a variety of options, including fruit chaat, sprouts chaat, Waldorf salad, gol gappe, dahi vada, chole kulche, and more.

Q4: Who concluded the event, and what was the emphasis during the conclusion?

A4: The event was concluded under the guidance of the Dean of Student Welfare, Dr. Sandeep Singh. The Honorable Vice-Chancellor emphasized how these activities, arts, and games represent Punjab globally, with the objective of reconnecting with our roots.

Q5: Were there any awards or recognition given during the event?

A5: Yes, winners of the various activities were awarded, and volunteers received tokens of appreciation in the presence of the Dean of Academic Affairs and the honorable Registrar.


The day was full of excitement and endeavors, and approaching the conclusion with the thought delivery of the Honorable Vice-Chancellor. He told how these activities, arts and crafts, and games represent Punjab worldwide. And the object of this exhibition is to reconnect with our roots. The result was announced, and winners were awarded. All the volunteers behind the organization also got tokens of appreciation in the presence of the Dean of Academic Affairs and the honorable Registrar.

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