Life Skills for Corporate Future and MBA Group Orientation Program by Akal Business School

Akal Business School organized a significant event titled “Enhanced Life Skills for Corporate Future,” hosted by Akal University. The session, featuring Harvinder Pal Singh, Chief Business Officer of Orbitsys Technologies Pvt Ltd, aimed to empower students with essential life skills beyond the classroom. Harvinder Pal Singh, an esteemed alumnus of Akal Academy Baru Sahib Residential School, shared his journey from the academy to corporate success, highlighting the quality education and values instilled by the Academy.


This was preceded earlier by an important three-day Induction Program for MBA enrollees

It aimed to make students comfortable with the new place and professional journey. It was a collaborative initiative of Akal University and Eternal University. The Orientation Program comprised different activities, workshops, presentations, video sessions, case studies, group discussions, corporate guest lectures, etc.

Specifications of the Orientation Program

The MBA Group Program is a combined venture organized at the Eternal University Himachal Pradesh Campus. A total of 15 students participated in the program; 9 participants were from Akal University, and 6 were from Eternal University. All the students were excited about the program and left a day after the event. Dr. Somendra Pant, Director of Akal Business School, instructed the students to attend the program consciously because it has much more to teach them.

An invigorating three day Program

Inauguration Ceremony and Day 1 Agenda

On Day 1 of the induction program, an inauguration speech was given by Dr. Davinder Singh Ji, President The Kalgidhar Trust. He shared his invaluable experiences with the students. Students introduced themselves before all the eminent personalities and fellow participants. Subsequently, Dr. Gurpreet Dhillion, Founder of Akal Business School, virtually joined the participants and broadened their perspectives with his lifetime endeavors.

Dr. Gurpreet Dhillion elaborated on general doubts regarding MBA Business Analytics. He provided clarity on Why to use Business Analytics all inclusively. Additionally, the program contained case studies and group discussions. Day 1 comprised an inauguration ceremony, alumni presentations, and video sessions.

Day 2 Agenda and Major Discourses

Next Day featured soft skills workshops, key management concepts, and discussions on the future of work. MBA is a professional course, so practical communication skills, confidence, conviction, and public speaking are some prerequisites to learn. Moreover, time management is the cornerstone for handling business. Workshops on emotional intelligence and stress management are presented through presentations and group activities.
Dr. Gurpreet Dhillion taught them key management concepts from his long industry exposure experiences. The aftermath of that Future of Work was a significant discourse that has to be understood to address challenges and opportunities in business cycles. Group discussions and group activities were introduced so students could apply the knowledge base they had learned from the experts.

Day 3 Corporate Lectures and Closing Ceremony

On the event’s last day, we had a workshop on practical communication skills. Then, the most awaited session was introduced; it was a corporate lecture by Mr. Kanwar Singh, Vice President of Finance at Oracle India Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Kanwar, a corporate expert, provided helpful insight to students to learn competently and made them understand entrepreneurship, Challenges in Business, and Economic Scenario, way to tackle them fluently. He exposed the enrollees to the significance of management skills for efficient and satisfactory outcomes.

After three days of an inclusive and engaging program, the event was concluded with a speech by Dr. Davinder Singh Ji. He delivered his heartfelt greetings to the students and advised them always to follow work ethics for long-term sustainability.

MBA Group Orientation AU and EU flourished with optimum outcomes. Students have learned major management concepts that are necessary for pursuing professional courses. Expert talks and real-life experiences assisted in widening their perspective regarding business and the future of work and made them understand individual economic behavior. All the participants expressed gratitude for organizing the induction program and promised to implement the lessons they learned during the program.

About Akal Business School – a brief introduction

Akal Business School was established to promote rural development and women’s empowerment. Since then, it has worked tirelessly in higher education with industry-relevant curricula and competent national and international faculty members. Akal Business School is also the outcome of a long vision. It offers a 2-year International Masters in Business Administration (MBA) program. It specializes in business analysis, which is relatively easy and easily approachable.


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