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Inside Akal University’s Botany Lab

Akal University’s Department of Botany offers a modern, highly equipped botany lab to the students. The designed curriculum is the result of the fusion of expert ideas and opinions. The extensive laboratory experience helps to excel in the empirical knowledge regarding plant kingdoms. The infrastructure of the Botany lab is furnished with the latest tools and instruments to perform experiments.

 Objectives of the Botany Lab

  • This sophisticated lab is a competent platform to perform a variety of experiments related to Plant Taxonomy, Plant Anatomy, Plant Physiology, Cytology, Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics, Ethnobotany, and antimicrobial activity of plants. 
  • To offer students and research scholars a holistic platform to learn through experiential learning. 
  • To explore the new plant species and to protect local plant species.
  • To address the emerging challenges impacting plant health and productivity.

Plant Museum and Herbal Garden

The major characteristic of Botany Lab is the Plant Museum which contains the preserved plant specimens of lichen, fungi, algae, gymnosperm, xerophytes, hydrophytes, epiphytes, etc. A plant museum is established to preserve the plant species. Recently, the department has also established an Herbal Garden with a plantation of 40 different plant species. This campaign was instructed by an expert team from Khadoor Sahib led by Vir Davinder Singh Ji.

 List of Major Equipment

  • Autoclave
  • UV- Transilluminators
  • Electronic Microscopes
  • Centrifuges 
  • Hot Air Ovens
  • Soxhlet Apparatus 
  • Laminar Air Flow Chamber

Our Botany Lab encompasses the latest instruments, a plant museum, an herbal garden, and highly qualified faculty to guide students to perform experiments. Students from our university will surely contribute to the scientific community in the future as they are receiving holistic education, inculcating practical skills in them.

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