Igniting young minds with innovation at Commercians 2.0

Akal University, as a hub of continuous learning and exploration, has once again illuminated its campus with the exciting success of “Commercians 2.0“. This enjoyable event, orchestrated by the Department of Commerce under the visionary leadership of Dr. Parminder Singh, stands as a testament to our commitment to nurturing the potential of our students.
An inter-departmental extravaganza, Commercians 2.0 brought together minds from various disciplines to engage in a dynamic confluence of knowledge, creativity, and camaraderie.

Unfolding the Events of the day


Content Writing Competition: demonstrating the Power of the Pen 

As students penned their thoughts on topics of significance today, it opened a further horizon of exploration.
From the impending technological issues and social dilemmas to the financial landscape, the competition stirred discussions on:

  • CHAT-GPT: Boon or Bane?
  • E-Commerce in Emerging Markets
  • Payment Banks: Transforming Financial Accessibility
  • Environmental Justice: Balancing Nature and Progress
  • 5G Services: Paving the Way for the Future
  • Resistance to Change in the Banking Sector: A Paradigm Shift

Theater of Realities: Role Play and Demonstration

Stepping into the shoes of real-world scenarios, students brought life to their own interpretations and perspectives. We witnessed captivating enactments including:

  • Self-Reliant India: From Vision to Reality
  • Consumer Protection and Awareness: Empowering the Market
  • Banking Scams Unveiled: Safeguarding Trust
  • Advertisement and Marketing: Crafting Persuasion
  • Is Digitization Good or Bad? A Dual Perspective

Visual Voices: Poster Making Competition

The walls came alive with creativity, capturing essences that words sometimes fail to express. With topics challenging conventions, students showcased their vision on:

  • Addiction to Mobile Phones: The Modern Dilemma
  • Advertisement of Companies and Brands: Beyond the Surface
  • Self-Reliant India: Pathways to Empowerment
  • Trade and Commerce in the Digital Era: Beyond Borders

Challenging the intellect: Puzzle Games and Crossword

In the exciting flow of the day “Challenging the Intellect” was another vibrant thread that added color, depth, and interactive engagement to Commercians 2.0. Various challenges in Testing Analytical Prowess, and Playing with Words, left the students with not just a sense of achievement, but also a renewed enthusiasm for tackling issues head-on, with a deeper understanding gained from this exercise.

Bank Demonstration: Factoring in the Finance

A classroom transformed into a bustling bank, where students ingeniously crafted different bank departments and even an ATM.

Dr. GS Lamba, Dean of Academic Affairs, commended their creativity and dedication, leaving an indelible mark of encouragement.

Declaring the Results – Triumphant applauses

Anticipation met jubilation as winners were announced amidst cheers and claps. The Winners were announced and felicitated , with supporting voices echoing the hall. The Proud winners were


  • Content Writing Competition:
    • Manjot Kaur, BA Social Science, 2nd Year
    • Manpreet Kaur, B.Com, 2nd Year
    • Jaspreet Kaur, BA Economics, 1st Year


  • Role Play and Demonstration:
    • Sunaina Mehta and team (BA BEd.)
    • Sumedha and team (BA BEd.)
    • Preeti and team (BA BEd.)


  • Poster Making Competition:
    • Loverose Kaur & Rajveer Kaur, B.Sc. Chemistry, 2nd Year
    • Simranjeet Kaur & Harpreet Kaur, BA, Psychology, 3rd Year
    • Sukhveer Kaur & Ravinder Kaur M.Com., 1st Year

Words of Thanks for Commerce Department and its Volunteers

As the final curtain drew close, we were left with a mosaic of memories and a glimpse into the limitless potential our students and faculty hold.Commercians 2.0 has set a glowing precedent for upcoming events, a beacon of cooperation, coordination, and student-teacher participation. Such platforms are pivotal for igniting the multifaceted brilliance that our students possess.


Even beyond Commercians 2.0, the Department of Commerce has been a driving force behind enlightening academic webinars and eye-opening educational trips, nurturing holistic growth beyond the classroom.

Thank you All, for being part of Commercians 2.0!

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