Akal University Expanding Global Horizons with Oxford Brookes University

Our Students need a global exposure in every way possible. Geographical barriers have been withdrawn in this era of interconnectedness. Presently, the education sector is also flourishing day by day with global partnerships and research collaborations. Top Universities in India are adopting student exchange programs and project associations. Akal University also recently collaborated with Oxford Brookes University to widen its education horizon.

Akal University’s Partnership with Oxford Brookes University

Mrs. Joanna Skelton, Senior Lecturer in Primary Mathematics Education and School Liaison at Oxford Brookes University, visited Akal University. It was a seven-day event from 21 to 26 May 2023. This visit was intended to build and enhance the relationship between Akal University of Punjab and Oxford Brookes University, UK.

Exchange System is favorable for harnessing the partnerships

Mrs. Joanna Skelton promulgates the idea that student exchange is advantageous for the students, administrators, and staff members as they will get a chance to study abroad and experience different cultures, languages, and geography.

Oxford Brookes University’s futuristic projects with the Department of Education

Mrs. Joanna proposes futuristic collaborations with the Department of Education at Akal University. Her proposal offers an internship program designed for pre-service teachers. With fast-paced technological advancement, such collaborations are more likely to happen.

Students from both Universities are the ultimate beneficiaries

Students from Akal University and Oxford Brookes University will get opportunities to experience both universities. They will develop empathy toward another culture and improve their communication skills.

Enriching relationships and broadening horizons

Akal University carries a grand vision of the holistic development of students and staff members. It generates opportunities for them where they can accelerate their growth. Such collaborations will widen their scope, and they will get global access.

Financial constraints were a barrier, but facilitation created the possibilities

Students are ambitious, but financial constraints confine their talent inside their home walls. However, such commendable steps enable them to fulfill their aspirations. Students, who cannot afford to move to that particular country, can choose the online learning courses offered by international universities. The blend of educational curriculum is highly developmental for domestic students.

Building career trajectory

Corresponding associations are very friendly in making career plans. After their studies, they can get employment opportunities quickly. In fact, the Government of India is inclined towards facilitating global partnerships.

Global Experiences progressively impact our personalities

This is excellent exposure for students and staff. International experiences give us new perspectives and new insights. It is very progressive and provides surroundings where our personalities thrive.

Akal University’s collaboration with Oxford Brookes University opens the possibilities for exposure and development. This way, innovative ideas are disseminated, and the production of cumulative knowledge widens the scope of action.

International associations, joint projects, seminars, conferences, workshops, and collaborative research are the best platforms for exchanging intellectual ideas. Akal University is working rigorously towards building a global network for students.

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