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Rural Girl to Inspire Girls with DST INSPIRE Fellowship

Jagtar Singh, a gunman at the State Bank of India, is working hard to give his children the best possible education and nurturing so they can succeed. Today, his eyes are happy when he learns about his daughter’s achievement. Her daughter Ravinder Kaur has been selected for the INSPIRE Research Fellowship at the Department of Science and Technology under the Government of India. The entire family is overjoyed and feels proud of their daughter.

Background and Challenges

Ravinder Kaur belongs to rural India, where opportunities and facilities are unavailable. She hails from Village Sarawan, Dist. Faridkot, Punjab. Her father is a gunman at the State Bank of India, and her mother, Parminder Kaur, is a homemaker.
Her elder brother works under the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India.

How Akal University aids her in achieving her goals

Ravinder has been fascinated by the field of physics since the early days. She was very curious to understand the fundamental workings of the universe. She has been a bright student since early school; she scored 86.2% in Grade 12th.
After schooling, she founded a renowned institute that could offer her experimental learning in Nuclear Physics. She came across Akal University on the internet. When she visited the campus, she was mesmerized by the infrastructure and peaceful environment. She saw the labs that are equipped with advanced technologies. Ravinder got registered with the University.
However, their financial condition was not strong, and she felt it was difficult for her to pursue their dreams. However, Akal University has a broad vision of women’s empowerment. University gives plausible means to students so that they don’t get into any kind of trouble. Ravinder was also supported financially based on her merit. She got a 75% scholarship during her graduation.
She completed her graduation with a B.Sc. (Hons.) Physics and M.Sc (Hons.) Physics degree from Akal University. She earned a 15% scholarship during her master’s at the University based on her excellent performance.

Role of faculty members in building a solid foundation in the research field

Ravinder was guided aptly by the Department of Physics staff members. During her master’s degree, she completed her dissertation on “Gamma-ray energy spectrum analysis of Nal (TI) detectors.” She expressed her heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Mandeep Singh, who guided her throughout the research. She was mentored on machine learning, coding, and other required applications. With cutting-edge exposure in the research field, she can crack the INSPIRE Fellowship in the Department of Science and Technology. She also received the Best Presentation Award during extracurricular activities.

INSPIRE Research Fellowship

“Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research (INSPIRE)” is an innovative program sponsored and managed by the Department of Science and Technology. It aims to nurture young talent in science and make them pursue their career in primary and applied science areas. INSPIRE Fellowship offers 1000 fellowships yearly to bright students aged 22-27 years to pursue Ph.D. in basic and applied sciences, including engineering, medicine, agriculture, and veterinary sciences. Ravinder Kaur will be offered 31,000 per month during her research period of 5 years.

Impact and Future Prospects

The selection of Ravinder Kaur has also opened doors of opportunity for other girls. Ravinder shared her sincere advice to all her fellow students, especially girls struggling with the circumstances. She says, “Not to give up; the power of determination and perseverance will pay you back, so keep going.”
Ravinder Kaur has a very altruistic insight into the welfare of humanity. She firmly believes that everybody should get equal opportunities to achieve their dreams. She wants to contribute to all those children deprived of resources and start their livelihood at a very young age. She feels terrible for small children begging and wants to do something for them. She said, “I will prioritize helping those children who are helpless.”Ravinder Kaur did not let adversity decide her fate. Her journey is a testament to her hard work and determination. Ravinder Kaur is overwhelmed by her outstanding achievements. She wants to continue the research by becoming a scientist and making her parents proud.
She emphasizes the role of Akal University in her success. The University facilitates its students in every aspect to prevent any hindrance. The spiritual environment provides peace as students are used to a lot of tension, making the students focus on their studies.
Her selection for the INSPIRE Fellowship will be an inspiration for other students who are struggling. Ravinder showed her thankfulness towards the University; she got proper nourishment for her talent by being part of the Akal network. The University eases its path to success with its committed contribution and support of cooperative staff members.

The journey of Ravinder Kaur is stimulating for all those girls who belong to rural India, where opportunities are rarely attainable.
It is a matter of great pride for all of us, and she is a girl who is a source of inspiration for many others to give their dreams wings to fly.

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