Dec 23 TMTW – Glimpses from the last month of 2023 !

While bidding goodbye to an eventful year, December claimed several events that involved webinars, paper presentations, and coinciding with the government’s campaign. However, students were engaged with exams, so further events were rescheduled for next month. Let us explore the post-event brief in the following blog.

Webinar on Constitutional Values and Fundamentals of the Indian Constitution

Department of Social Sciences hosted a webinar to celebrate the Constitutional Values and Fundamentals of the Indian Constitution.

The Head of the Department, Dr. Hilal Ramzan, and Mr. Harjit Singh, Assistant Professor, coordinated the event. Dr. Aslam Khan, Associate Professor of the Department of Gandhian and Peace Studies at Mahatma Gandhi Central University, Bihar, was the resource person for the event.

The participation in this online webinar was remarkable; 200 persons from various disciplines joined it. As per the direction of the Union Ministry, all the attendees read the Preamble of the Indian Constitution.

Viksit Bharat Campaign

#Viksit Bharat@2047 – The Voice of Youth is a phenomenal campaign by the Government of India. It’s a visionary campaign aimed at making India a developed country incorporating innovative ideas of youth. Akal University’s NSS and NCC wings are operating awareness drives to expand participation in the campaign. Students are instructed to visit the MYGOV portal to complete their feedback and proceed with their participation certificate. Viksit Bharat’s campaign registered remarkable responses from Akal University students and faculty members.

Shabad Kirtan dedicated to Shaheedi Diwas

Sikhism has a vibrant history full of stories of bravery and sacrifice. In the chilling month of Poh, Chaar Sahibzaade sacrificed their lives fighting against cruelty. Considering the occasion, Akal University’s students organized Shabad Kirtan in the girls’ hostel. Shabad Kirtan was a tribute to the sacrifices made at a tender age.

Paper Presentation at DAE BRNS Symposium

Akal University’s four students from MSc. Karmjeet Kaur, Ms. Harpreet  Kaur, Ms. Arshpreet Kaur, and Ms. Rajwinder Kaur presented their research paper at the DAE Symposium on Nuclear Physics is sponsored by the Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences under the Department of Atomic Energy.

This symposium is a platform where nuclear physics researchers can interact and present their research. DAE Symposium is held every year to incentivize research. This year, it was held at the Indian Institute of Technology, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, from 9 to 13 December.

Beginning of the Semester, and Examinations

December was witness to the nervousness and excitement of students because of the semester examinations. They were working hard to perform well in theoretical and practical examinations.
Since the beginning of December, they have been getting preparatory leaves. The environment of the hostel and university was wholly turned into studious only. Students sat on library premises, making notes, reading books, and discussing with their friends. After completing their targets or taking some breaks, they went to the canteen for tea or coffee.

Since this month has semester examinations, only some activities or events are being conducted. There were very few events, but they were completed successfully with notable participation. Soon, students will join the university after winter break with full excitement and energy. These young enthusiasts will join upcoming conferences and events to showcase their talent and skills.

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