Summer Camp for Certificate Course in Computer Fundamentals

Essentials of Computers – Akal University Summer Boot Camp 

In today’s fast-paced world, having computer fundamentals knowledge is essential. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Akal University recently organized a transformative 15-day summer camp to empower participants with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in computer fundamentals.

Well Structured & Engaging Curriculum 

Dr. Navroop Kaur and Ms. Parneet Kaur ensured a well-structured and engaging camp curriculum. The inaugural session was presided over by Dr. Upinder Kaur, the Head of the Department, who emphasized the importance of computer fundamentals in today’s technological landscape. Dean of Academic Affairs Major Gen. Dr. G.S. Lamba delivered the welcome speech, setting a positive and motivating tone for the event.

Interactive Learning and Practical Knowledge

Participants actively engaged in hands-on sessions, practical exercises, and interactive discussions throughout the summer camp. The faculty members and instructors provided valuable guidance, clarifying doubts and encouraging active participation.

The participants had engaging tasks and projects that they carried out using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. They also explored AI tools, web development using Google tools, modern technologies, the Internet of Things, and Google Forms, expanding their understanding of these emerging fields.

Positive Feedback 

In the valedictory session, feedback was collected from the students, and their responses were overwhelmingly positive and motivating. Students could relate to the various processes and problems they faced and solved with each other, thus enhancing their skills. The feedback indicated that the summer camp had successfully equipped them with the knowledge and confidence to apply computer fundamentals effectively.

Acknowledgements and Gratitude

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering extends its heartfelt gratitude to the Honorable V.C. for his unwavering support and encouragement throughout the organization of this summer camp. His vision and guidance have been instrumental in creating a conducive learning environment for the participants. Also, we acknowledge the invaluable contribution of the faculty members, instructors, and supporting staff who wholeheartedly dedicated their time and expertise to make this summer camp a memorable and enriching experience for all participants.


Special appreciation goes to the IT teams and management for their diligent efforts in ensuring smooth logistics, technical support, and infrastructure for the summer camp. Their dedication and efficiency contributed significantly to the overall success of the event.


The 15-day summer camp for the certificate course in computer fundamentals organized by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Akal University was a resounding success.

It has proven to be a memorable experience for participants. The summer camp at Akal University provided beginners with a solid foundation in computer fundamentals. The event was a valuable platform for beginners to explore and grasp essential computer concepts, setting them toward further growth and success in computer science.


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