Enriching the Learning Experiences with the International Conference on Next-Generation Digital Technologies

The three-day Conference provided insightful expert talks on AI, ML, IoT, and CPS. Paper presentations provided widened opportunities for young researchers to expand their knowledge.

ICNGDT- DAY 1- A busy day in four sessions

The Conference began with the Shabad Gayan to seek the blessings of the Almighty. Then, Dr. Upinder Kaur, Head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, outlined the event. After that, the formal inauguration was marked by the honorable Vice Chancellor, Prof. Gurmail Singh, who discussed the potential benefits of Next Generation Digital Technologies and gave a brief on how they can play a transformative role at various levels.

The official release of the conference proceedings, ICNGDT 2024, with ISBN no. 978-1-935160-34-2, claimed with the presence of Prof. Gurmail Singh, Prof. Sukhjeet Singh (Registrar), Maj. Gen. GS Lamba (Dean of Academic Affairs), Prof. Pardeep Singh Cheema (Director, IQAC), Dr. Somendra Pant (Director, Akal Business School), Dr. Upinder Kaur, led by the eminent guest of honor, Prof. Gurpreet Singh Dhillion from the University of North Texas, US.

Prof. Dhillion addressed the relevance of “theory” in the research field and elaborated on the temporal and spacious relevance of theory. He emphasized the intellectual, social, and political responsibility of the researcher. Prof. Dhillion discussed “non-rational rationale” to fulfill the research objectives.

After a small tea break, the event proceeded with Dr. Monika Singh, Prof. at Chandigarh University, India. She is a data analytics and machine learning expert with over 60 publications. She delivered a lecture on “IntelliConnect: Unleashing Synergy between Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and 5G Networks”.

Prof. Deepti Sharma, Professor at Chandigarh University, presided over the third session. She conferred on “Design Thinking for Educators in Higher Education Institutions  .”She presented the stages of design thinking and various methodologies applicable in higher education, including the observation method, concept mapping, and the creative matrix.

The final session of day 1 concluded with Dr. A. Elngar’s “Applied Science and Technology: Dissemination of Best Practices in the Multidisciplinary Research Era ”. Dr. Elngar provided details on the application of face recognition on the Internet of Things (IoT) for vehicle security systems. Further, he elaborated on the formulation of problems, proposed VSS-IoT (Vehicle Security System-IoT), the implementation results, security analysis, etc.

ICNGDT-Day 2: Poster Presentations, and Expert Talks

The second day of the International Conference on Next Generation Digital Technologies (ICNGDT-2024) featured poster presentations on various research topics, including blockchain, machine learning, deep learning, metaverse, and artificial intelligence. Distinguished Professor Gurpreet Dhillion evaluated presentations along with Prof. Sukhjeet Singh, Maj. Gen. GS Lamba, Prof. Somendra Pant, and Dr. Upinder Kaur. The paper IDs 121, 123, and 96 claimed the top three positions.

Parallel sessions were going on; Dr. Rajinder Sandhu, a Data Scientist based in TD, Ontario, Canada, talked about “Model Validation (Interpretability, Fairness, and Bias).”  Dr. Chandrashekar D. Challa, Associate Professor at Virginia State University, USA, chaired the next session. His expert talk explored “Legal and Privacy Laws in Next Generation Digital Technologies.”Dr. Sandeep Sood, associate professor at NIT Kurukshetra, India, presided over the third session. He focused on “Practical Aspects of Cloud Computing, IoT and Data Analytics in Indian Scenario.”

The following expert talk was presented by Mr. Simarjit Singh, Executive Director at Morgan Stanley and Head of Quantitative Strategies, based on the topic “Transformation of Investment Banking through Artificial Intelligence.”  The last session of day 2 was delivered by Dr. Vandana Sharma, an Associate Professor at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) in Delhi NCR. It dealt with the “Implementation of XAI for Prediction of Dementia in Young Adults: A Societal Impact.”

ICNGDT-Day 3: An important discussion on AI Trends, and Prize distribution

The last day of the International Conference on Next Generation  Digital Technologies (ICNGDT-2024) began with the presentation of Dr. Simran Dhillion, Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems at Virginia State University, USA. She elaborated on “Artificial Intelligence: Various Dimensions of Business Considerations”. Dr. Sita Rani, Associate Professor, Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana, dealt with “Machine Learning for Sustainable Development in Smart Healthcare Ecosystem”.

The Prize Distribution ceremony was graced by Dr. Satwinder Singh, Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Technology, Central University of Punjab, Bathinda. The event concluded with noteworthy outcomes, demonstrated through a detailed report by Dr. Parneet Kaur during the Valedictory address.


As we bid farewell to an insightful and exciting Conference, we were happy with the success of ICNGDT-2024.
The International Conference on Next Generation Digital Technologies (ICNGDT-2024) marked a pivotal moment in advancing computer science and engineering knowledge.
The three-day busy hybrid event facilitated insightful discussions, expert talks, and recognized top research contributions. From AI trends to legal implications, the conference showcased the diverse landscape of digital technologies, enriching the minds of students exploring these cutting edge technologies at Akal University.


Q: When was the International Conference on Next Generation Digital Technologies (ICNGDT) held?

A: The conference took place from January 3 to 5, 2024.

Q: How many people attended the conference, and in what mode was it conducted?

A: Approximately 150 people participated in the conference, both online and physically, as it was in hybrid mode.

Q: What were the key topics covered during ICNGDT?

A: ICNGDT featured expert talks and paper presentations on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS).

Q: Who inaugurated the conference, and what were the highlights of the first day?

A: The conference was inaugurated by Prof. Gurmail Singh, the honorable Vice Chancellor. Highlights included Shabad Gayan, insightful talks, and the release of conference proceedings.

Q: Can you highlight some of the sessions and speakers from Day 1 of ICNGDT?

A: Day 1 featured sessions by Prof. Gurpreet Singh Dhillion, Dr. Monika Singh, and Prof. Deepti Sharma, covering topics like research theory, machine learning, AI synergy, and design thinking in education.

Q: What activities were conducted on Day 2 of ICNGDT?

A: Day 2 included poster presentations on topics such as blockchain, machine learning, deep learning, metaverse, and AI. Sessions covered model validation, legal and privacy laws, practical aspects of cloud computing, and the transformation of investment banking through AI.

Q: Who evaluated the poster presentations, and which papers claimed the top three positions?

A: Distinguished Professor Gurpreet Dhillion, along with other dignitaries, evaluated the poster presentations. Papers with IDs 121, 123, and 96 claimed the top three positions.

Q: What were the key themes discussed on Day 3 of ICNGDT?

A: Day 3 covered topics such as business considerations in artificial intelligence, machine learning for sustainable development in smart healthcare, and the implementation of Explainable AI (XAI) for predicting dementia in young adults.

Q: Who graced the Prize Distribution ceremony, and how did the event conclude?

A: Dr. Satwinder Singh, Associate Professor at the Central University of Punjab, Bathinda, graced the Prize Distribution ceremony. The event concluded with a detailed report during the Valedictory address by Dr. Parneet Kaur.

Q: How can one stay informed about future events at Akal University?

A: Stay connected with Akal University through their social media handles for updates on upcoming events and conferences.


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