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How did an Akal University Alumni land for a Master’s at Virginia Commonwealth University, USA?

A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination & hard work. 

This is a story of the hard work of Rasleen Kaur, alumni of Akal Academy and Akal University. 

Rasleen Kaur, who studied at Akal Academy Bhai Desa and Akal Academy Baru Sahib and graduated from Akal University, is all set to pursue her Master of Science in Decision Analytics at Virginia Commonwealth University, USA, where she has received a scholarship worth Rs. 8 lacs, i.e., her tuition fee is totally waived off.

Starting from a humble background

Rasleen is the daughter of Farmer Mewa Singh Ji; her mother, Kuldeep Kaur, is a homemaker.
She has a brother, Nobeljeet Singh, who also studied at Akal Academy. 

Rasleen was schooled at Akal Academy, Bhai Desa. She was always determined and wanted to achieve high and make her parents proud.
She scored 82% in Grade 10th and 74.5% in Grade 12th. She was also the Top Scorer on the Akal Management Test, an entrance test to the MBA at Akal University, and scored 95% in MBA. 

Pursuing MBA at Akal University

After schooling at Akal Academy, she went to Akal University and did B.Com ( Hons.). Here the environment was very good, peaceful, and safe, which helped her to grow and develop. After completing her graduation, she wanted to pursue an MBA.

She checked out many universities, However, the other universities only offered specializations in Marketing, Finance, and Human Resources, and the fees were also relatively high. On the other hand, Akal University offers an MBA specializing in Business Analytics, which is in very high demand and not readily available;  the fees are also low as compared to other universities. 

MBA-changing lives-Akal university-Rasleen kaur

The curriculum of the MBA at Akal University is goal-oriented, and it prepares students with essential skills to make them future-ready. Students work on real live projects through which they get valuable experience and insights into working with communities. 

The curriculum of MBA in Business Analytics at Akal University has specially been designed by an eminent personality Dr. Gurpreet Dhillon, who is a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics and is currently the G. Brint Ryan Endowed Chair of Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity and also Honorary Dean and Founder of Akal Business School

The program has greatly helped Rasleen grow personally and professionally. 

Stepping out into real-world Experience

During her MBA, she was also awarded 2 internships. The first one was at the IIVP London for 9 months, where she made around 150 presentations. Her second internship was at Grand Thornton Delhi, the seventh-largest company in the world, where she performed very actively and was appreciated by the seniors.

Nurturing Confidence: Impact of Akal Academy and Akal University on Rasleen’s Life

Rasleen shares her experience at Akal University, which she remarks as Outstanding.
The day started there with mediation. Sant Baba Iqbal Singh Ji loved the children a lot and used to take out time to meet and spend time with the students. She became punctual and gained confidence as she participated in extracurricular activities.

Rasleen Kaur-MBA-Akal University

Most of her cousins studied at Akal Academy, and only a few studied at Convent Schools. She always felt that the communication skills and confidence of the students of Akal Academy are better than others, which reflects in their personality and gives them better opportunities in life.

Education is provided at 129 Akal Academies and 2 Universities running under the auspices of The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib is a blend of modern scientific education and spiritual education essential to create good human beings and make the world a better place.

Mentor Support and Role in Her Success

The faculty members at both School and University institutions played a vital role in her success as they are not only highly skilled but also very supportive, hard-working, and always ready to help the students by solving their queries.
She feels grateful to Parimder Singh Ji, H.O.D. of the Department of Commerce, who supported her;
Amanjeet Singh Bhandari, who guided her in pursuing an MBA in Business Analytics;
Dr. Gurpreet Dhillon, Honorary Dean and Founder of Akal Business School, Akal University who drove her to pursue Master’s in the USA;
and Prof. Somedra Pant, Director of Akal Business School, who always supports the students emotionally and motivates the students to study. 

Gratitude and Appreciation

She feels blessed to be part of Akal Academy and Akal University. She is grateful to Dr. Davinder Singh Ji, President of The Kalgidhar Trust, Baru Sahib, Chancellor of Akal University, and Dr. Neelam Mam, Director and Principal at Akal Academy Baru Sahib

Her dreams and vision for the future

After polishing her skills with the Masters in USA, she wants to come back to India and serve the community and work for the underprivileged. She feels she will be able to play her part in helping others fulfil their dreams. 

Empowering Women Through Education 

Rasleen wants to stay connected with The Kalgidhar Trust., Baru Sahib. This is an organisation that is tirelessly working on women’s empowerment by providing education. As education is the key that brings positive change in human life. The Kalgidhar Trust also has an exclusive MoU with Virginia Commonwealth University through which students at Akal University who wish to pursue higher studies at their university have their students’ tuition fees waived. 


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Rasleen Kaur has been awarded a paid internship at Grant Thornton, Delhi. To know more Click on the below video 

Congratulations to our student Rasleen Kaur!

Congratulations to our student Rasleen Kaur!

MBA Analytics students have been awarded internships.

Rasleen Kaur has been awarded a paid internship at Grant Thornton, Delhi.

Enroll Now! for Akal Management Test(AMT) to get admission to MBA in Business Analytics at Akal Business School (ABS), Akal University.

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Posted by AKAL UNIVERSITY TALWANDI SABO on Saturday, May 21, 2022

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  • Wow, Such an Inspiring Story of Rasleen Kaur. Congratulations! More on the way . You really set an example in front of the Society: “Koshish Karne Waalo ko Kabhi Haar Nhi hoti”.

    May You achieve More Success ahead. All the very Best .(“Kar Har maidan Fateh”)

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